Whole Body Calorimetry Unit

The Whole Body Calorimetry Unit measures resting metabolic rate

The whole body calorimetry unit is a comfortable, climate-controlled hotel sized room where you’ll be asked to lie down and relax as the machine is working to analyze the amount of oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced over a specific time frame. It’s painless and easy.

How accurate is the Whole Body Calorimetry Unit?

The whole body calorimetry unit is the gold standard for measuring resting metabolic rate and is the most accurate method. There are only two whole body calorimetry units in Canada and we’re very lucky to have one in our facility that’s open to the general public.

What can I do with the results?

Highly trained nutrition researchers will review your results with you. Calorie requirements are only one piece of the puzzle. Consulting a registered dietitian for help with losing or gaining weight is recommended. HNRU staff can provide options to help you find a registered dietitian to assist you with lifestyle changes, if you don’t have one already.

How is this test different than a calorie calculator or activity tracker?

Typically resting metabolic rates are based on average values for different groups of people, when we know your body is unique. Your resting metabolic rate may differ depending on your genes, how much muscle you have, your health conditions, and long-term eating and exercise patterns. Know the real stats for your body.